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Pro Roe 73
Personal Story Power

Personal story power is just what we need to help our reproductive liberties, our basic human rights to choose what happens to our own bodies become a mainstay in our land of the free. 


Our mission is to hold space for and give voice to the millions of uterus owners who have had abortions to share their stories.


We need to cultivate compassion and empathy by seeing through the eyes of those who have had this experience. 


We need to illuminate the endless variance of life that lead people to making this decision and gain insight into how their lives and health could have been effected otherwise.


By giving voice to the millions of uterus owners who have had abortions and to empower them by being seen and heard through sharing their story can help others to gain an understanding that may help shift the narrative and the law.


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By submitting your story you agree:


  • You give Sea Change Holistic Wellness Center permission to use your story, or parts of your story, across multiple media platforms, workshops or performances. 

  • You may share anonymously or you can choose to share your story and include your first name, last name, age, city, and state if you choose. If you’d like your identity to be published please include the information in the body of your submission and if you’d like to remain anonymous please feel free to submit without identifying information. If you’re willing to include an age and location with no name you’re welcome to do that as well since in our current climate it be could helpful for our mission to know where you’re from.

  • You waive any rights and compensation arising from such use, and release Sea Change Holistic Wellness Center from any responsibility to do so. 


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